the heart

heart encased in a cold grey shell because no feeling- no love means no pain no misery.

heads turned down, hands frozen shut- no room for holding no time for looking around at everything around me. heart encased in grey.

eyes are the window to the soul, but all i’m seeing is empty. heads turned down.

hidden pains in empty laughter. mercy pleaded in every mosh pit. don’t let them drown. eyes are the window to the soul.

late night drives with talks about futures we’re not sure we want. turning up the music just as a distraction. hidden pains in empty laughter.

but it doesn’t have to be that way. encase your heart in golden armor, head down focusing on one foot in front of the other. eyes have always been the window to the soul try to find something good in his. hidden pains and empty laughter are all temporary. it doesn’t last forever, you’ll have late night talks about futures you aren’t sure you’re ready for, but you can be. with your heart of gold.



a list of things I’m tired of:

Tired of not taking chances in the moment, and then regretting it later.

Tired of lying awake at night staring at the clock instead of falling asleep no matter how much melatonin I take. Lying to my mom about getting a good night’s rest. falling asleep in math class, or pretty much any class. tired of being tired.

of liking the same guy for over a year now and not being able to lose feelings, or like anyone else even though he’s never been good to me, or for me.

tired of lacking motivation

of hearing questions about the future, as if I know where I’m going to end up.

tired of getting up and going to school and getting up and going to school and getting up and going to school and getting up and going to school.

of unrequited love.

tire of losing things, losing people


I finally wiped your name off my windshield

but I swear I can still see it

I finally deleted all our messages

but I can hear them echoing in my head

I finally stopped talking about you to my friends

but I still think about you in all the wrong moments.


She was fire. Wherever she walked, warmth followed, and everybody loved it. We were drawn to it. Like moths to a flame.

She talked as if nothing scared her, and she walked like she owned the world. Sometimes she would stick her head out the window- even if it was cold- and her bright red hair would fly wildly behind her, looking like dancing fire.

Her tongue whipped words into love potions.

When she did something she loved her eyes would glow the most vibrant of goldens…

But there’s a reason fire is referred to as the most destructive element.

She left hearts in ruin- looking for warmth. Cheeks still burnt from the gentle harshness of her touch. Still drunk off of her words. but she never turned around once her back was turned.

but the worst thing? the worst was when she would hold your gaze, while she told you “we’re burnt out” with her eyes glowing golden.